Arcadia supports work to preserve endangered cultural heritage, protect endangered ecosystems, and promote access to knowledge. Our aim is to defend the complexity of human culture and the natural world, so that coming generations can build a vibrant, resilient and green future.

    • News: 02 March 2021

      We're hiring!

      How we operate page

      Apply now for our summer internships at Arcadia and our sister charity, Lund Trust.

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      Our grant will support more projects to restore landscapes and seascapes across Europe

    • Article: 11 February 2021

      Q&A with Lisbet Rausing

      Coa valley

      Arcadia co-founder Lisbet Rausing speaks to Mongabay about Arcadia's work, COVID-19 and her reasons for optimism.

    • Article: 28 February 2021

      Monthly digest

      City of the Deads panoramio

      Our February digest is out!

      Each month, our grants team shares interesting news that relates to their work. Read, subscribe, or view the latest editions.

    • Marka Dafing women spinning wild silk

      Our new grant to the British Museum will support EMKP for an additional seven years.

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      Abundant, diverse and healthy marine ecosystems are crucial for all life on Earth. This is why almost 30% of the total giving in our environment programme, more than $70 million in grants since 2002, has supported work to protect the world’s oceans. This blog highlights some of this work.

    • Expedición Islas Desventuradas Febrero 2013 Credit Oceana and Eduardo Sorensen

      Protecting marine habitats, reducing threats to endangered species, stopping overfishing, curbing marine pollution.

      Programme: Protecting endangered nature
      Focus area: Governance
      Grantee: Oceana
    • Homepage Culture

      Many of these buildings contain wall paintings illustrating stories from Chinese folk beliefs, Buddhism and Taoism.

      Programme: Preserving endangered culture
      Focus: Heritage Sites
      Grantee: University College London - Institute of Archaeology
    • Case Study: 15 September 2020

      Freeing public domain information

      Code is law

      Public.Resource.Org is dedicated to publishing and sharing public domain materials that legally and morally should be free, but are locked behind paywalls.

      Programme: Advancing open access
      Focus area: Intellectual property rights
      Grantee: Public.Resource.Org
    • Article: 21 September 2020

      Towards a greener Arcadia

      Terrace landscape

      The climate crisis requires us to rethink, change, adapt and act, because business as usual is no longer an option. Read about out work towards running Arcadia’s operations in a more environmentally sustainable way.

  • Total awarded since 2002:
    Our giving by programme
    Preserving endangered culture
    Protecting endangered nature
    Promoting open access
    • Dr Lisbet Rausing

      Co-founder of Arcadia. Lisbet did her BA at UC Berkeley and her PhD at Harvard University, where she was a lecturer and assistant professor in the history of science. Lisbet also supports family companies such as Ecolean, a liquid food packaging company, and Ingleby Farms, a farming company. Outside boards and committees have included the Harvard Board of Overseers and Yad Hanadiv Advisory Committee. She currently serves on the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Advisory Board.

      Lisbet rausing
    • Professor Peter Baldwin

      Co-founder of Arcadia and chairman of the Donor and Advisory Boards. Peter is professor of history at UCLA and Global Distinguished Professor at NYU. He is a member of the board of the New York Public Library, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the Wikimedia Endowment, and chair of the board at the Center for Jewish History. Peter has written books on the history of the welfare state, of public health, and of copyright. He has a book on the history of crime and the law and one on the Covid-19 pandemic forthcoming in 2021.

      Peter baldwin
    • Dr Simon Chaplin
      Chief Executive Officer

      Simon is Arcadia’s CEO. He was previously Director of Culture & Society at the Wellcome Trust and Director of Wellcome Collection. He is a biologist-turned-historian and has served on the boards of several research-focused organizations including Research Libraries UK, the British Society for the History of Science and the Society for the History of Natural History.

      Dr Simon Chaplin
    • Dr Arthur Dudney
      Cultural Grants Manager

      Arthur manages Arcadia’s cultural grants. He was previously a research fellow at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a teaching fellow at SOAS. He holds a PhD from Columbia University’s Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, and an AB from Princeton University’s Department of Classics.

      Arthur dudney
    • Dr Mike Heyworth
      Consultant to Cultural Programmes

      Mike works as a consultant as part of the culture team. He is an archaeologist by training and was previously the executive director of the Council for British Archaeology. He is now a consultant working with a range of archaeology and heritage groups across the UK. He holds a PhD from the University of Bradford in archaeological science.

      Dr Mike Heyworth
    • Dr Gerardo Fragoso
      Director of Environmental Programmes

      Gerardo heads Arcadia’s environmental programme. He was previously Head of Programme at the United Nations Environment Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre, where he was responsible for overseeing advice provision on the protection of endangered species and their habitats.

      03 Gerardo Fragosoa
    • Dr Ross Mounce
      Director of Open Access Programmes

      Ross manages Arcadia’s open access grants. He was previously a postdoc in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge, a Software Sustainability Fellow, and a Panton Fellow for open data in science. Ross gained his doctorate at the University of Bath, where his thesis focused on the role of morphology in analyses of evolutionary relationships that include fossil species.

      04 Ross Mounce
    • Dr Francesca McGrath
      Environmental Grants Manager

      Francesca manages Arcadia’s environmental grants, alongside Gerardo and Emma. Trained as a conservation scientist, she has international experience in coupled human-natural systems in Southeast Asia, US, UK, and wildlife trade in the Middle East. Francesca was previously a research fellow in the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. Her PhD from the National University of Singapore explored incentive-based conservation programmes in Indonesia. She also holds an MSc in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics.

      06 Francesca Mc Grath
    • Dr Emma McIntosh
      Environmental Grants Manager

      Emma manages Arcadia’s environmental grants, alongside Gerardo and Francesca. She previously worked on environmental policy, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy projects in Australia, French Polynesia and the UK including with the Great British Oceans coalition, Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership and the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. Emma holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford in conservation science.

      07 EMMA Mac Intosh
    • Jack Foxall
      Consultant for Environmental Programmes

      Jack supports the development of our environmental strategy and new grants. He has eighteen years of experience working in international nature conservation, and has managed several large-scale restoration projects. Jack has previously worked for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Fauna & Flora International, RSPB and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. He is a Geography graduate of King’s College, London.

      Jack Foxall
    • Andrew Wright
      Chief Operating Officer and Director of Lund Trust

      Andrew heads Arcadia’s operations and also leads Peter and Lisbet’s more personal giving through Lund Trust. He previously worked for Cripplegate Foundation, a charitable trust in North London. Andrew has a master’s degree in Aegean archaeology from the University of Sheffield.

      09 Andrew
    • Tami Shacham
      Operations and Communications Manager

      Tami manages operations and communications for Arcadia and its sister charity, Lund Trust. She previously worked at Yad Hanadiv, a Rothschild family foundation. Tami has a master’s degree in culture studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

      10 Tami Shacham
    • Lucy Bromley
      Operations Assistant

      Lucy works alongside Tami and Andrew in Arcadia’s operational team. She previously worked at Sotheby’s, an international fine art auction house. Lucy has a master’s degree in History of Art from the University of Edinburgh.

      11 Lucy Bromley
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