Río Tuichi in Madidi National Park, Bolivia. Courtesy of Omar Torrico, Wildlife Conservation Society.

Arcadia helps people to record cultural heritage, to conserve and restore nature, and to promote open access to knowledge. We want future generations to enjoy the diversity of human culture and the natural world. 

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Who we are

Arcadia is a family charitable foundation. It was founded by Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin in 2002. We are led by our donor board and supported by an expert advisory board and a small London-based team.

Our funding areas

White pelicans, Pelecanus onocrotalus Danube delta rewilding area Romania. Courtesy of Staffan Widstrand, Rewilding Europe

Conserving and restoring nature

We want nature to survive and flourish. Our grants support solutions to the global biodiversity and climate crises.

The hand of the artist Purna Bahadur Chitrakar painting final details on a mask for the Nava Durga dance, Bhaktapur, Nepal. Courtesy of Renuka Guruing.

Recording cultural heritage

We want future generations to have knowledge of the world’s cultural diversity. Our grants support digital documentation of cultural heritage which is poorly recorded and under threat.

Jane Park speaks at CC:Rewire in June 2016, a celebration of Creative Commons’ renewed vision to build a more vibrant and usable commons. Courtesy of Andria Lo, CC BY 4.0.

Promoting open access

We want knowledge to be free for anyone, anywhere to access and use. Our grants help make knowledge available for free online, and help people find and use it

How we work

We make few, multi-year grants. We fund core costs, existing projects and develop partnerships to create new programmes. We build long-term relationships with our grant recipients. We replicate and expand successful projects and award repeat grants to continue outstanding work.

We don’t accept applications for funding but individuals and organizations can apply to programmes that we support.

Our grants

Since 2002 Arcadia has awarded more than $1.2 billion to organizations around the world.

Our grant recipients have ensured lasting support for millions of hectares of fragile ecosystems. They have created and shared hundreds of thousands of digital records of archives, languages, archaeological sites and craft practices. They have also overcome laws and commercial practices restricting access to publicly-funded research and government documents.

$1.2b Total
$469m Conserving and restoring nature
$373m Recording cultural heritage
$176m Promoting open access

Top banner image: Río Tuichi in Madidi National Park, Bolivia. Courtesy of Omar Torrico, Wildlife Conservation Society.