Posted: 21 September 2020

How we do... regranting programmes

One of the challenges we face as grant-makers is determining where and when our support is most needed, and how best to use our resources to achieve lasting, meaningful outcomes. As a small team, one way we work is through regranting schemes – Arcadia grants that are distributed by partner organizations and networks with the knowledge and capacity to identify where the greatest need and opportunity exists. This allows us to support local initiatives worldwide that are best placed to deliver verifiable outcomes. Sometimes we work with existing networks to distribute funds. Where no such network exists, we develop new programmes.

To establish these programmes:

  • Define the need. We do research and seek expert advice. This can include commissioning scoping studies.
  • Find a partner. We identify partner institutions that: are well-established and well-connected, experts in their domains; and have knowledge and capacity to provide support and mentoring to grantees.
  • Establish a programme. We work with the partner to shape criteria and advise them as they develop a proposal to administer the programme.
  • Select a panel. We work with our partners to appoint panels of world-class domain experts to make decisions on grants and develop programme strategy.
  • Monitor and evaluate. We monitor progress through written reports, participation at panel meetings, and ongoing correspondence with our partners. We commission external evaluations at strategic points.

Our cultural regranting programmes

Find out more about our cultural regranting programmes here.

Our environmental regranting programmes:

Open Access

As for all Arcadia grants, materials produced through our regranting programmes are available online for free. Our ‘How we do… Open Access’ information sheet provides more information about our policy and practice.

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