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Posted: 21 September 2020

Protecting threatened, biodiversity-rich habitats

  • Programme:

    Protecting endangered nature

  • Focus area:

    On-site conservation

  • Grantee:

    Fauna and Flora International

  • Project:

    Halcyon programmes

  • Grants awarded:


  • Years:


Established in 1903, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s first international conservation organization. It works to conserve threatened habitats worldwide, and currently operates in 40 countries with more than 320 partners including governments and local NGOs, mostly in cash poor but biodiversity rich areas of the world.

We established the Halcyon Land & Sea Fund at FFI in 1998 to find innovative ways to secure threatened, biodiversity rich habitats. FFI’s approach includes developing local land stewardship, influencing policy and implementing conservation management activities. The programme works in collaboration with on-the-ground partners, to ensure that local communities are central to and benefit from the conservation activities This is crucial to ensure long term project sustainability.

To date, the Halcyon Land & Sea Fund has supported 55 projects and influenced conservation across 26 countries. In total it has secured c. 9.4m ha of critical habitats and directly contributed to the conservation of more than 60m ha, an area larger than Ukraine. In 2011, we increased our support to FFI’s marine conservation, with a grant to establish FFI’s Halcyon Marine Programme. The programme focuses on improving management of key marine sites and influencing policy.

Read more about the Halcyon Land & Sea Fund here.

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Partner Crisis Support Fund

Covid-19 has had a negative impact on nature conservation. Funds to support critical work, much of it relying on eco-tourism, had declined. As a result, illicit activities such as poaching and deforestation have increased. In response, we helped to establish FFI’s Partner Crisis Support Fund. The Fund will support FFI’s existing partners to face these challenges and make sure their work to date is not undermined.

Read more about the Partner Crisis Support Fund here.

A ranger identifies and records a rare orchid in Vietnam. Credit: Sun Xiaodong/WildChina/FFI.
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