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Fauna & Flora International

Wild flowers in Tajikistan. Photo by Alex Diment. Courtesy of Fauna & Flora International

Halcyon Programmes

$53,800,000; 1998–2023

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Established in 1903, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s first international conservation organization. It works to conserve threatened habitats worldwide, and currently operates in 40 countries, mostly in the developing world.

The Halcyon Land & Sea Fund was set up by Peter Baldwin and Lisbet Rausing in 1998 to find innovative ways to respond rapidly to immediate threats of degradation or destruction of biodiversity-rich areas. The programme works in collaboration with local partners, to ensure that communities around the sites benefit from the conservation efforts.

To date, the Halcyon Land & Sea Fund supported 46 projects and influenced conservation across 33 countries. In total it has secured c. 9.5m ha (23.4m acres) of endangered habitat, contributed to the conservation of over 55.7m ha (137.6m acres), and supported the development of 28 in-country organizations in Africa, the Americas, Eurasia and Asia Pacific. Recent projects include supporting the Government of St. Lucia to improve the management of its forest, which covers one third of the island; and working with local partners to secure a wildlife corridor in south-west Transylvania and allowing large mammals and other forest-dependent fauna to move freely between the areas. Read more about the Halcyon Land & Sea Fund here.

In 2011, we decided to increase our support to marine conservation, with a grant to establish FFI’s Halcyon Marine Programme. The programme addresses key threats by improving management of targeted marine sites and influencing policy agendas. The Marine Programme operates across 72 sites in 17 countries, covering 1.24m ha (2.9m acres); its efforts have already resulted in threat reduction and biodiversity recovery at ten sites. The programme engages more than 88 partners, including 35 community-based institutions. Read more about the marine conservation initiative here.

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