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Conserving and restoring nature

We want to help nature survive and flourish.

Wildlife loss and environmental destruction threaten all life. Conserving and restoring whole ecosystems helps keep nature resilient to climate change and human exploitation.

Our grants support solutions to the global biodiversity and climate crises. We fund international programmes of work that create local partnerships to sustain and revive nature and support laws and policies that recognize the value of a healthy environment. We don’t support species-specific conservation, education, or awareness-raising projects.

We don’t accept applications for funding but individuals and organizations can apply to programmes that we support. 



We support the conservation of large areas of high biodiversity and ecological importance and the rehabilitation of degraded but promising land- and seascapes.


Our grants help to develop, monitor and enforce laws and policies that ensure nature can thrive. We focus on governance in places where we can achieve lasting change which will impact the places where biodiversity is highest and most at risk.


Our grants help people to gain the knowledge and skills they need to lead nature conservation and restoration. We are no longer initiating new leadership projects.

Grant programmes

Our grant programmes are hosted by trusted partners. They help us to determine where our support is most needed and distribute grants to individuals and organizations.

Cairngorms Connect – restoring 60,000 ha of contiguous land in the Scottish Highlands. Courtesy of James Shooter -

Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme gives grants for large-scale restoration projects across Europe’s land and seas. The programme supports projects that will restore extensive areas of terrestrial and marine habitat so that they are resilient and self-sustaining.

Ocean 5. Courtesy of Sergio Izquierdo, Wildlife Conservation Society. Guatemala, 2023.

Oceans 5 Partnership

Oceans 5 gives grants to help stop overfishing, establish marine protected areas, and constrain offshore oil and gas development. The programme supports projects that provide lasting benefits to coastal communities and the world’s oceans.

Aschach River Austria. Courtesy of Eggar, WWF Austria.

European Open Rivers Programme

The Open Rivers Programme gives grants for work to remove redundant dams, weirs and other river barriers across Europe, so that rivers can flow naturally and biodiversity can flourish.

Aerial view of mangrove forests in the Bay of Assassins, southwest Madagascar, part of the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area. Courtesy of Blue Ventures | Louise Jasper.

Marine protection fund

The Marine Protection Fund gives grants for work towards the target of protecting 30% of the world’s marine and coastal areas by 2030. It supports Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, non-government organizations and governments working in coastal areas, national waters and the high seas.

Map of PFAs (man-made chemicals that do not break down) in Europe. Courtesy of Thomas Steffen.

Earth Investigations Programme

The Earth Investigations Programme awards grants to support environmental investigative journalism on European affairs inside and outside Europe. The programme supports projects that aim to expose injustices, create pressure on those in power and mobilize action to protect nature and people.


Dr Gerardo Fragoso

Dr Gerardo Fragoso

Director of Nature

Dr Francesca Mc Grath

Dr Francesca McGrath

Senior Nature Grants Manager

Dr Catherine Docherty

Dr Catherine Docherty

Nature Grants Manager

Dr George Morris

Dr George Morris

Nature Grants Officer

Dr Emma Mc Intosh

Dr Emma McIntosh

Consultant to Nature funding area

Top banner image: The uninhabited island of Redonda, where an eco-restoration project saw the resurgence of native species. Courtesy of re:wild.