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You can search below for information about all grants we awarded. Our grants data is also available in csv format here.

We are committed to transparency, and believe that with better information, grant-makers can be more effective decision makers. In 2017 we started to work with 360Giving to publish information about Arcadia grants (last updated July 2024). Arcadia has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to Arcadia’s grant data, to the extent possible under law, by dedicating it to the public domain with the Creative Commons CC0 waiver. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to use and share.

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OpenAlex: a free index for the world's research

To support the growth, development, and institutional usage of OpenAlex - an open and comprehensive index of scholarly works, authors, and institutions.



5 years

Project Notify

To help scholarly communities organise peer-review of preprints and working papers through a not-for-profit, university-governed ecosystem, bypassing commercial publishers.



4 years

Redalyc + AmeliCA

To provide core support to Redalyc&AmeliCA to improve discoverability and open access to journals without author-fees (‘diamond OA’).



10 years

Invest in open infrastructure

To improve funding and resourcing for the open technology and systems that research relies on



3 years

Tools to steer academic systems to open research

To provide tools and data which better surface open access research and to help libraries and researchers make better decisions. If successful, this will help to end ‘big deal’ subscription packages and reduce information asymmetry in library-publisher negotiations.



3 years

Tools to Advance Research Assessment (TARA)

To accelerate research assessment reform by undertaking analysis and creating tools and resources to help institutions improve research assessment in the United States and Europe.



3 years


To support the Open Access Button in three key areas: to meet proven demand for tools that give libraries leverage in big deals; to compete with for-profit access tools; and to lower the cost of making papers open access.



4 years

Growing the Wikidata and Wikibase contributor base

To support technical improvements around lexicographical data. This grant will also support the globalization of the contributor base for Wikibase, to improve the inclusivity and long-term sustainability of the wiki-related software development community.



3 years

Next generation library publishing

To expand nonprofit publishing and rival the current commercial infrastructure. This grant will help to develop new, cost-effective and community governed publishing tools and servies for authors, editors and readers.



3 years

The Hyku Institutional Repository platform

This grant will be used to significantly improve and drive the growth and heightened value of green open access through institutional repositories. It will do so by introducing new features to the Hyku Institutional Repository platform that directly address issues currently slowing its wider use.



2 years

Search engine for open access scholarly content

To build and support a new non-profit free search engine that will make it easy for the public to find, read, and understand the peer-reviewed literature



2 years