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You can search below for information about all grants we awarded. Our grants data is also available in csv format here.

We are committed to transparency, and believe that with better information, grant-makers can be more effective decision makers. In 2017 we started to work with 360Giving to publish information about Arcadia grants (last updated July 2024). Arcadia has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to Arcadia’s grant data, to the extent possible under law, by dedicating it to the public domain with the Creative Commons CC0 waiver. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to use and share.

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Oceans 5

Grant recipient

Marine protection fund

The Marine Protection Fund gives grants for work towards the target of protecting 30% of the world’s marine and coastal areas by 2030. It supports Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, non-government organizations and governments working in coastal areas, national waters and the high seas.

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5 years

Core costs to the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

To support the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition to continue its mission to protect deep-sea species and ecosystems from the harmful impacts of fishing and mining, and to strengthen and enhance biodiversity conservation and governance in international oceans.



3 years

Oceans 5 Partnership

Oceans 5 gives grants to help stop overfishing, establish marine protected areas, and constrain offshore oil and gas development. The programme supports projects that provide lasting benefits to coastal communities and the world’s oceans.

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3 years