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We are hiring!

Posted: 11 October 2018

A fantastic opportunity for two outstanding individuals to join our team.

New grant to UCLA Library

Posted: 9 October

Our grant to the UCLA Library will support a new re-granting programme to safeguard modern archival heritage around the globe.

New grant to The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

Posted: 4 October 2018

Our grant will support work to protect ‘out of sight, out of mind’ deep-sea species and habitat.

New grant to the Endangered Archives Programme

Posted: 25 September 2018

The Endangered Archives Programme at the British Library supports the digitization of at-risk collections around the globe. So far it has supported more than 350 documentation projects in 90 countries. Our new grant to the British Library willsupport the programme for seven more years.

New grant to the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Posted: 24 September 2018

Our grant to the International Union for Conservation of Nature will support a new global network promoting greener, healthier and more livable, cities.

New grant to Oceana

Posted: 20 September 2018

We increasingly support policy advocacy to help ensure that national legislation and international treaties support biodiversity, and that governments and other bodies enforce legislation. Our new grant will continue our support to Ocean’w work in protecting the world oceans.

New grant to the National Library of Sweden

Posted: 12 September 2018

We awarded SEK 30 million ($3.5 million) to the National Library of Sweden to digitize Swedish historical out of copyright newspapers.

New grant to Columbia University Libraries

Posted: 12 September 2018

Our new grant to the University of California Los Angeles Libraries will support The Freedom of Information Archive at History Lab, the largest international database of declassified documents

New grant to Open Access Button

Posted: 21 August 2018

Our new grant to Open Access Button will help improve inter-library loans.

New grant to New York University

Posted: 13 August 2018

We awarded $1.34 million to support Arabic Collections Online (ACO), a partnership between New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and NYU New York.

New grant to Creative Commons

Posted: 8 August 2018

With the help of our new grant of $800,000, Creative Commons will develop the Commons Collaborative Archive and Library to make openly licensed content more searchable, usable and resilient.

New grant to Authors Alliance

Posted: 7 August 2018

Our grant to Authors Alliance focuses on scholarly communications services for authors who write to be read.

New grant to the New York Public Library

Posted: 1 August 2018

We have awarded $5 million to the New York Public Library to help to digitize scholarly publications and research materials, and to develop new means to remove barriers to open access.

New grant to Impactstory

Posted: 9 July 2018

We awarded $850,000 to Impactstory to create a free comprehensive search engine helping the general public to find, read, and understand scholarly content.

New grant to Heidelberg University

Posted: 26 July 2018

Our grant to the Heidelberg University will support the Nepal Heritage Documentation Project, creating an online database of buildings that have been servery damaged or destroyed.

New grant to Plazi

Posted: 16 June 2018

Our grant will help expand the Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR) by adding hundreds of thousands of figures and taxonomic treatments extracted from in-copyright publications.

New grant to the Internet Archive

Posted: 21 May 2018

We have awarded Internet Archive a grant of $1 million to digitize more than 15,000 titles from university press collections and make them available via controlled digital lending.

New grant to Public.Resource.Org

Posted: 3 May 2018

Our third grant to Public.Resource.Org will help make governmental and public information available to the public throughout the world.