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Oceana Expedition to Juan Fernández, January 2014. Courtesy of Oceana.

Protecting the world’s oceans

$15,300,000, 2007-2025

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We increasingly support policy advocacy to help ensure that national legislation and international treaties support biodiversity, and that governments and other bodies enforce legislation.

With less than 4 percent of the oceans unaffected by human influence, Oceana’s focused, short-term campaigns aim to attain concrete and strategic policy victories to protect marine ecosystems. It has already had more than a hundred important successes internationally in promoting marine policies that protect habitats, preserve endangered species and reduce overfishing.

For example, in Chile, our funding helped Oceana to influence the government to create the Nazca-Desventuradas – one of the largest marine parks in the Americas – which protects nearly 30 million hectares of biodiverse ocean. In 2015, following Oceana’s advocacy, the Portuguese government formally protected the Gorringe Bank – two million hectares of ocean with diverse marine life, including kelp forests and deep-sea corals.

We are now supporting Oceana to work in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, The Philippines and Canada, expanding on its work in Europe, the USA, Belize and Chile.

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