Open access and digital preservation policy

One of Arcadia’s aims is to promote open access to information. For this reason, we ask that all materials resulting from our grants are made publicly available for free via the internet. This includes text, images, audio and video.

Technical standards

  • The files that grantees make available online must be of sufficient quality to ensure that they can be used for research.
  • Images must be 300dpi minimum.
  • Audio files must be a minimum of 44.1KHz/16bit for born digital files and a minimum of 96KHz/24bit for digitized analogue files.

Publication of papers and books

Papers and books produced and/or published with funding from our grants must be made available for free, via the internet, in one or more of the following ways:

  • Via an institutional repository, instead of or prior to publication (and according to preprint archiving rules), or within one year of publication (and according to post print archiving rules); and/or
  • Via an Open Access journal, with any publishing fees assumed by the researcher.

Digital preservation and long-term access

Grant recipients must agree to preserve all digital materials resulting from our grant and to keep them freely available on the internet as long as the grantee organisation exists.

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