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Arcadia Overview 2017

Read our 2017 overview report for updates on our ongoing programmes and new Arcadia grants.

The Copy-Right Wars

Three Centuries of Trans-Atlantic Battle. By Peter Baldwin.

Links to other articles

Links to some interesting articles that relate to our work at Arcadia

From Dust to Digital

We published the book to celebrate the Endangered Archives Programme’s 10th anniversary. It showcases the historical importance and research potential of EAP digitized collections.

Mining the Secrets of College Syllabuses

The creators of the Open Syllabus Project, funded by Arcadia, hope that sharing data can both improve and reward teaching.

Open access: useful resources

Including a bibliography of Arcadia’s publications; works on the cost of academic publishing and the open access mandate

Academic Knowledge, Open Access and Democracy

An evidence-based case for academic knowledge, open access and democracy.

Toward a New Alexandria

Imagining the future of libraries: an argument for open access and proper archiving of the world’s publications and data.

Betting on Vetting

Evaluation, not publication, should be academe’s new priority: an argument for an independent review institute.

President’s Report 2012

Reflections on philanthropy and higher education from President Emeritus of the University of Chicago and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.