Reporting fraudulent activity

If you doubt the authenticity of any correspondence claiming to be from the Arcadia board or team, please email us at This will alert us to any potentially fraudulent correspondence or scams and allow us to investigate.


The amount of fraudulent correspondence claiming to be from or associated with charitable funds like Arcadia is growing. Scams can be quite sophisticated, and can be by email, post, fax, telephone or other means. They can include a logo, images, information or links associated with our work.

Please note that we will never:

• Offer a direct grant to an individual. Arcadia only funds charities and scholarly institutions.
• Request any fees for awarding a grant.
• Host lotteries or offer prizes of any kind.
• Request registration fees for conferences or events.
• Request information about personal bank accounts or other private information.
• Ask for donations.
• Offer investment opportunities.

For more information, or if you want to report fraud, please visit Action Fraud – the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.