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Posted: 15 September 2020

Commons Collaborative Archive and Library

  • Programme:

    Advancing open access

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  • Grantee:

    Creative Commons

  • Project:

    Commons collaborative archive and library

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Creative Commons licenses are widespread and easy to use. They allow individuals and organizations to specify which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of others when they share their work.

The amount of open access material on the internet is continually growing. There are already more than 1.4bn works in the ‘digital commons’. To realize the benefits of open access, this content must be ‘discoverable’: easy to find and to use. Creative Commons enables people to easily make their work available for others to legally build upon and share. We have supported several Creative Commons initiatives since 2015 to improve discoverability.

We currently support the Commons Collaborative Archive and Library, a suite of tools to help anyone find openly licensed works. This includes CC Search, which allows users to easily find CC-licenced works, including photos, videos, educational resources, and artworks.

"Creative Commons - cc stickers" by Kalexanderson is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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