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Posted: 03 September 2020

Promoting strong marine protection policies in national waters

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    Protecting endangered nature

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    Protecting marine wildlife

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Today, less than four percent of the ocean is unaffected by human influence and two thirds of fish stocks are harvested at unsustainable levels. Not only is this devastating for marine ecosystems, but it also severely limits the vital role the ocean plays in regulating the earth’s climate.

Oceana’s mission is to protect and restore the world’s oceans. It works with partners and campaigners in North, South and Central America, Asia and Europe to promote and enforce strong marine protection policies in national waters. This includes protecting important marine habitats, reducing threats to endangered species, stopping overfishing, curbing marine pollution and increasing transparency. Our grants support Oceana’s work, and help it to be flexible and ambitious in responding to urgent needs.

In the Philippines, Oceana’s work with the government helped to protect 276,000 square kilometres of ocean from bottom trawling; In Chile, Oceana campaign led to a world- leading new law in against illegal fishing; and in Canada Oceana’s work promoted a bill which means, for the first time, that Oceans Canada must manage fish stocks sustainably and work to restore depleted fisheries.

Read Oceana’s interview with Arcadia's co-founder Lisbet Rausing on Arcadia's support and her vision for more abundant and biodiverse oceans.

A diver peers at longspine urchins and Juan Fernández rock lobsters during Oceana's expedition to the Desventuradas Islands in 2013, which resulted in the creation of the Nazca-Desventuradas Marine Park. Photo: ©OCEANA/Eduardo Sorensen.

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