Posted: 11 March 2022

Support for Ukraine

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have made donations to organizations that are working to reach people in urgent need.

So far, we have given £5m to the Red Cross, £3m to the United Nations agency and £1.75m to Save the Children for their emergency humanitarian work in Ukraine and support for refugees as they flee West. We have given £500,000 to the Refugee Council to match-fund its appeal to support refugees that come to the UK and we have pledged £25,000 in match-funding to British-Ukrainian Aid. We have given €1,070,000 to the Institute of Human Sciences to support journalists, scholars, artists, public intellectuals and archivists based in Ukraine.

We have also given €250,000 each to Foundation Conservation Carpathia and the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Both are grantees of our Endangered Landscapes Programme, which during peacetime work to restore and conserve landscapes in the Carpathian Mountains and Polesia. They are now providing care for people who are taking shelter in national parks in Ukraine.

We will continue to update here on donations as we make them.

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